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Matt Clark Builds Brands
I love building brands! At first, it was really time-consuming, and I used to spend a fortune on marketing and advertising...

But when social media started to take off, I quickly figured out how to build and scale 7-figure businesses for FREE!

In 2008 after identifying social media as the "holy grail" of marketing, I grew my first business from $1M per year to $10M in just five years before selling it to the largest offshore financial institution in the world.

As a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach, and private pilot, I'm now out to change lives and empower people to do what they were put here to do...
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DOMINATE on social media and build your digital empire from scratch. The SOCIALYOU™ Academy is The Complete Intensive Program for Building a Coaching Business and Leveraging Social Media to Convert Clients and Attract MORE Sales!
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You're destined for great things, but struggling to make sense of it all... Looking for a fail-proof way on how to launch or scale your business? Apply for 1:1 coaching where I personally Social Media to help busy professionals position themselves as industry leaders within 30 days without the need to hire expensive marketing agencies or video production companies.
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5-minute power videos on how to rise to the top and position yourself as the #1 expert in your industry so you can win more business. Tune in every Wednesday and Sunday evenings at 8:30pm to get your weekly dose of self-help and business motivation with live interviews, Q&A, and More!
How To Build And Scale Your Next Brand With Social Media Content That Sells! 
Get a step-by-step social media guide so you can scale your business today... 
without the need to hire expensive marketing agencies or video production companies.
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